Annual membership payment is due by 31 December. Payment can be made directly by Direct Debit (banking details is in the magazine), by visiting the office, and by telephone. For those making payment by Direct Debit or by telephone your new membership card and parking permit will be posted out on 3rd December.



TPI Office will close at 12:30pm on Friday 18 December for the Christmas break, and Reopen on Monday 11 January.




The South Australian has re introduced some restrictions  as at 08 August 2019 in regards to new cases of COVID-19 in South Australia. These restrictions have caused the Association to review the manner in which Meetings are conducted, and make some necessary changes. Therefore, the following changes will take effect immediately until further notice:

  1. Lunch will not be available following meetings.

2. Upon Arrival, all members are to complete the attendance sheet and provide a contact number on the sheet.

3. Members are required to move to a seat after arrival. Members are not to stand in groups.

4. The bar will be open for service, but members are not to stand at the bar to consume their beverage. You are required to take your drink and move to a seat either at a table or in the hall.

5. All members will be required to be seated for the duration of the meeting.

6. Chairs will be set in the hall to meet the requirement of 1.5 Metre social distancing requirement. Please do not move the chairs.













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