COVID & RATS tests

Free RATS tests – are available to DVA & other concessions card holders from participating pharmacies. Currently, 10 free per 3 months, with no more than 5 per month. ( $10, maybe $20 if provided by a Medical centre).

If your pharmacy is not in the program, go to one who is. They are listed on the “Web”.

Make sure you & partner get some packs immediately. Also, if going to any medical, allied health, dental, etc appointment, & if not formally mentioned, enquire if a test needs to be done prior. If not, you may have to pay at your appointment & seek reimbursement from D.V.A…..”…painful”.

For more – info re. SA Health website or speak Mick Curry # 0417843262

Annual Membership payment

Annual membership payment is due by 31 December. Payment can be made directly by Direct Debit (banking details are in the magazine), by visiting the office, and by telephone.

Reminder to members that failure to renew membership will affect your RAA membership.

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