Who We Are

The TPI Association SA is an incorporated body established for the sole purpose of supporting its members by defending their rights, providing them welfare and negotiating benefits. We are run entirely by volunteers from our membership. A full description of the Objectives of TPI-SA is set out in Clause 3 of our Constitution, which can be accessed here.

TPI-SA is a member of the TPI Federation of Australia. The Federation, on behalf of its member State and Territory Associations, prepares, coordinates and negotiates submissions and representations to the Australian Government on matters affecting our conditions and benefits. TPI-SA is represented at the Federation level by two directors elected by our members.

The Federal government provides some concessions for all TPI’s. In addition to these, our Association actively negotiates benefits and concessions for our members with State and Local Government, individual businesses and organisations. These include the RAA Association, cinema chains, car dealerships and general retailers. A full list of concessions can be accessed here.

Our members organise a TPI and Veterans’ Golf Club, while we also host the War Veterans’ Fishing Group. Both are available for you to join and you can access information here. TPI News is our quarterly magazine which is posted to members and is also available on line (including past issues) and can be accessed here.

TPI House is our home and focal point for all members. Our front office is open for contact in person or by telephone from 09:30am to 12:30pm on weekdays, except public holidays. All members are invited to join us on the second Tuesday of each month, except January, for a general meeting at 11:30am followed by a catered lunch. This is a great opportunity to hear what your Association is doing on your behalf and to share a meal and socialise with other TPI’s.

TPI House is available for hire by our members, other ex-service organisations and the general public. All applications for hire should be addressed to the House Manager. You can contact the House Manager via the office phone number or email.

TPI House maintains a large military library, from which you may borrow, and an extensive memorabilia collection containing items from various conflicts Australians have been involved in. Both of these are curated by our House Manager.

Our meetings provide an opportunity for members to get relevant information concerning TPI’s. To put forward your views about things that affect you or bring matters to the attention of other members. There is an opportunity catch up with mates or get to know other veterans and learn about their experiences.

We want you to be involved in your Association by attending the meetings, using the facilities or just socialising to keep in contact and to keep our shared experience alive. We also welcome new blood, especially the participation of younger members, to staff the office, to visit members on the sick list and to serve on the Committee, which is elected every two years from and by our members.

TPI-SA is your Association. We want it to thrive, to achieve its objectives and serve both our members and the wider public, just as we did when in uniform. But this depends on maintaining and increasing our membership, particularly by attracting younger veterans. If you, or anyone you know, is a TPI or, more recently, has been awarded the Special Rate Disability Pension (as it is now known) by DVA, please consider joining us.

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