Welfare Support and Contact details

Association Welfare Services

The Association Welfare team’s services for members & family include

a. Hospital Visitations to all Public, as well as Calvary & Flinders Private medical sites. Additionally, the Jamie Larcombe Veterans Mental health Centre.

b. Visits to other Private Hospitals, Aged Care or Home situations on request

c. Support with access to D.V.A. services, e.g. wellness support facilities in the home, e.g. ramps, walking frames, security equipment, home care, DVA provided transport, taxis, ambulance, accounts etc.

d. Help with personal management, & end of life issues such as Financial help & management, Aged Care decisions, Legal support, Funeral Services, limited Department of Human Services help.

e. Help with home shopping.

f. As well, involvement of other Ex Service Organisations, such as Legacy, War Widows Guild, RSL Care, Partners of Veterans etc.

We can also facilitate pension support using Pension Officers in other ESO’s & for War Widows, Legacy in particular. Speak to us about this also.

In the first instance, if you wish, please feel free to contact Mick Curry 84477171/0417843262 or email mcur3581@bigpond.net.au for any help/guidance re. the above

…..we are your go to team


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