Welfare Support and Contact details


The Association Welfare team’s services for members & family include:

  •  Hospital Visitations to all Public, as well as Calvary & Flinders Private medical sites. Additionally, the Jamie Larcombe Veterans Mental health Centre.
  • Visits to other Private Hospitals, Aged Care or Home situations on request
  • Support with access to D.V.A. services, e.g. wellness support facilities in the home, e.g. ramps, walking frames, security equipment, home care, DVA provided transport, taxis, ambulance, accounts etc.
  • Help with personal management, & end of life issues such as Financial help & management, Aged Care decisions, Legal support, Funeral Services, limited Department of Human Services help.
  • Help with home shopping.
  •  As well, involvement of other Ex Service Organisations, such as Legacy, War Widows Guild, RSL Care, Partners of Veterans etc.
  • We can also facilitate pension support using Pension Officers in other ESO’s & for War Widows, Legacy in particular. Speak to us about this also.
  • In the first instance, if you wish, please feel free to contact Mick Curry 84477171/0417843262 or email mcur3581@bigpond.net.au for any help/guidance re. the above
  • we are your go to team
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