Planning Ahead

This page contains information regarding accessing Centrelink services, and links to DVA information booklets regarding Planning Ahead. Click on the relevant thumbnail or title to access the information.


While most of the living support services you are likely to need can be provided by DVA, there may be some that can be better provided through Centrelink.   Individual circumstances will dictate where there can be an advantage in having a Centrelink rather than a DVA provided service.

However, a major issue to be aware of is with respect to aged care facilities.  DVA do not fund these and so, should you ever need to enter into a government funded facility, you will need to be a Centrelink Customer.  That means having to be known by Centrelink and have a Centrelink Customer Reference Number (CRN).

To get a CRN, you must register with Centrelink and prove your identity.

Why?  DVA know all about me.  Yes!  But we are fortunate to have strict privacy provisions that mean Centrelink do not have access to your DVA file.  Therefore, Centrelink does not know you exist unless you can prove that you do. So to become a Centrelink customer, you need to prove your identity.

Proving your identity to Centrelink is not particularly difficult, but can be time consuming.

Because of COVID 19, Centrelink have made it easier to start the process on-line. Start with and type “proving identity” in the search box, then follow instructions.  However, although you will be given a CRN, you will have to complete the process in person and present required identity documents.

Should you wish, simply go to Centrelink and do it all when you get there.  Having the CRN beforehand might save you time.  In any case, take a good book.

Essential: when you go to Centrelink, take ORIGINAL identifying documents with you.  In combination, at least one must have a photo, your (full) name and date of birth.

A suggested selection is:

  • Passport (can be expired by no more than 3 years – NOT cancelled) or
  • Full Birth Certificate (not needed if you have a passport) plus
  • Driver’s licence and
  • DVA card and
  • Proof of community involvement (credit card, council rates notice etc)

All documents MUST be original.

The CRN will enable you to have access to:

  • Accessing (funded) Aged Care and
  • Carer’s Allowance.
  • Mobility Allowance

Having a CRN will make it easier for family if they must act for you.  So do yourself and your family a favour.  Get a number.


  • Identification requirements and procedures are specified by the organisation requiring the verification of ID. They can complicated.
  • It is imperative that you comply with the requirements as detailed by the organisation.
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