Federation Scam

The following is provided for the information of you and your Members.  Some Members from WA, Qld & NSW have contacted me about a scam that if implicating the TPI Federation.

The scam starts with a call from an unknown person asking the Member to complete a TPI Australia survey.  The Members advise when they try to complete the survey they get to a question asking what political party they last voted for and the survey stops.  A notification then appears asking them to call a phone number for further assistance.  There is no answer on that phone number.

It is known that there can be some phishing in the background of such websites.  Members must not follow the instructions given to them.  The TPI Federation has at no time had a survey that requires the Members to respond to.

I have contacted the Australian Cyber Security Centre and received the following advice –

“Thank you for contacting the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC). Unfortunately there isn’t much that can be done about scam callers. The best way forward would be to be more cautious of these scams and blocking/ignoring them if people receive them.

In your case, I would recommend that you contact your TPI members and let them know what is going on with these scams. This will help them prepare for future encounters with scammers.

Kind regards,


Australian Cyber Security Centre

Australian Signals Directorate

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