Dr Marty Ewer is conducting trauma-sensitive mindfulness based stress reduction programs for current and former serving members of the military. Marty has been trained by the Mindfulness Training Institute of Australasia in MBSR. Dr Jon Kabat-Zinn described mindfulness as paying attention non-judgementally to the present moment. Many people have a stream of automatic thoughts, and the body constantly responds to them. Mindfulness helps people be aware of what is happening in their mind and body and it can help to overcome unhelpful automatic reactions.


Mindfulness based stress reduction is an 8 week, evidence based course that was developed by Dr Jon Kabat-Zinn at the University of Massachusetts Medical School in 1979. People who have done the trauma sensitive MBSR course may have been exposed to trauma or they may suffer from depression or they may be troubled by persistent pain. The course involves eight weekly 2.5-hour sessions with Marty and a longer session of mindfulness. Each session provides a range of activities including guided instruction in mindfulness, gentle mindful movement (which can be modified to accommodate pain or injury), exercises to enhance awareness in everyday life and group discussion. The discussions focus on mindfulness rather than on the past. Participants will be invited to attend all of the sessions and to practice daily for approximately 30 minutes. Awareness can be brought to various areas of your life with a view to making more helpful choices. Marty has an interest in trauma and neuroscience, and so the course will reflect these interests. The course will include neuroscience based trauma education.


If you are eligible for psychiatric treatment, the MBSR fees are generally covered by the Department of Veterans Affairs. If you wish to participate in MBSR, please contact Marty. You will require a referral to Marty for the MBSR course but you don’t need to be seeing him as a patient and people seeing other psychiatrists or psychologists are welcome.


Dr Marty Ewer

The Adelaide Wellbeing Practice

71 Edward Street,

Norwood SA 5067

08 8299 9281


Dr Marty Ewer is a well renowned psychiatrist that has helped many veterans including TPI Members, deal with the burden of war trauma caused Mental illness. Marty has an outstanding knowledge of veterans’ war traumas and has been instrumental in improving the welfare countless ex-servicemen and women. I strongly urge members to contact Marty regarding the MBSR course. ED

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