Eligibility for car tax concessions



Dear members, we have received information regarding veterans refused GST concession on car parts. Information regarding eligibility can be found on the ATO website using the details below. The information regarding one TPI member being denied exemption and course of action available if you are denied is also included.



Today,I phoned the ATO after an eligible veteran had difficulty obtaining a GST exemption on car parts; in this case a car battery. Several places flat out refused an exemption for various reasons including their claim that their goods were of a low enough price and so the veteran didn’t need a GST exemption (a couple of hundred dollars is not cheap to some veterans). Another stated he would not do it because he needed to get advice from his accountant and that would cost him too much, so no exemption. Some businesses offered some form of discount in lieu of a GST exemption.
After several hours we did finally get a car battery for this veteran today GST-exempt thanks to Beaurepaires. Not only did their manager keep blank ATO exemption forms in the store, when this veteran and I arrived at the store he was offered a quality brand-name battery, was given a generous discount (without asking for it), and then had the GST removed from the total bill. I installed the battery to save him the install charge.
Being concerned that other veterans might be unfairly treated, especially by the likes of the businesses that flat out refused to provide a GST-exemption, I phoned the ATO on the number printed on the ATO declaration form for advice. I stated what had occurred with all of the businesses today in detail. The ATO transferred me to their GST Business Section in Dandenong, Victoria where a Senior Taxation Officer (name withheld) who administers this area of the GST legislation stated all of the incidents above, except for our pleasant experience with Beaurepaires, were unlawful and that we should report these businesses to the ‘ATO Tax Evasion Referral Centre (TERC)’.
The ATO stated that GST is not payable by an eligible veteran and so they are especially interested to know what these dealers are doing with the GST that they are unlawfully collecting. We are not so inclined to report the business that offered a discount equivalent to the GST (although the ATO says he too is acting unlawfully). However, reporting is in progress for a couple of the businesses that refused a GST exemption today.
The ATO stated I should pass this reporting procedure on to other veterans who may encounter similar situations. Reports may be made to the ATO’s –
(online, or by phone, fax or mail), details below:
ONLINE (tax evasion reporting form)
1800 060 062
1800 804 544
Australian Taxation Office
Tax Evasion Referral Centre
Locked bag 6050
Dandenong VIC 3175
Please include: business name & address, ABN, manager’s name, date & time of the incident and a full description of the incident. 🙂

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