TPI and Veterans Golf Club Invite you to join us

The T.P.I. and Veterans Social Golf Club would like to welcome more golfing people in to our group.

With natural attrition, old age and ill health, we are becoming sparse on the ground.

We have room for up to 20 more players.

It does not matter what skill level you possess, you will be welcome.

Courses in play this year are:

  • North Adelaide (South course)
  • Adelaide shores (Pat)
  • Penfield
  • Mount Pleasant (The Mount Pleasant game is a challenge day and includes BBQ lunch.)

The club is registered with Golf Australia

  • Allowing us to handicap and supply golf link
  • All players are covered by insurance
  • All members receive a club T- shirt
  • We also allow friends of members to join in

Come and try at our next golf game on Monday 18th March at the Penfield course, tee off at 0830 hours.

We are a friendly bunch and look forward to welcoming new members to our fold.

The on-course banter is something to behold.

We play a variety of interesting venues that are veteran friendly.

The cost to each member is $25.00 per game (the difference is paid by the club.)

The golfing is always fun, but it is also a terrific social day out.

Please direct enquiries to Graham Dungey via email: or

contact the TPI Association office on 08 8351 8140

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