ANZAC Day at TPI House 2019

Another memorable ANZAC Day Dawn Service at TPI House.

Vice President John Genovese addressed the approximately 150 people assembled, including many from the younger generation.

Chaplain Angela McDougall once again led the service in prayer.

Three cadets from 601SQN AAFC acted as flag orderlies, they were, Cdt. O. Vieyra (Grandson of our own Ray Vadeikis), CCPL S. Thaker and CCPL E. Collins.

The Catafalque party came from 7 Platoon 8 Close Health Company, including Pte. J. Dallow, Pte. J. Brown, Pte. J. Hipkiss-Winder, Pte. L. McDonald, LCPL. R. Drury and CPL P. Walls

The service was followed by a traditional ANZAC Day breakfast of eggs, bacon and baked beans .

There was time for some casual banter among old mates and new, before travelling to town for the annual ANZAC Day March.

Vice President John Genovese addressing the assembly

Chaplain Angela McDougall leading the Assembly in prayer

601SQN AAFC flag orderlies Cdt. O. Vieyra (Grandson of R. Vadeikis TPI), CCPL S. Thaker, CCPL E. Collins

Members of 601SQN AAFC CPL AAFC K. Winterborn, FLG OFF AAFC R. Larson, FLT LT AAFC D. Thompson.

CPL P. Walls in charge of the Catafalque party

Catafalque Party 7 Platoon 8 Close Health Company PTE J. Dallow, PTE. J. Brown, PTE. J. Hipkiss-Winder, PTE. L. McDonald, LCPL R. Drury, CPL P. Walls

Our esteemed President Leon Eddy enjoying a cuppa with breakfast

Cadets enjoying a bite of breakfast

On the bus ready for the March


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